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LUWODEA is actively engaged in the following;

LUWODEA is actively engaged in the following;

Tomorrow’s Angels Orphanage Program.

Tomorrow’s Angels Orphan village is a program that started in February, 2012 with 18 orphaned children under our care, providing primary education to them. Now the numbers has kept on increasing up to 67 orphaned children by majorly HIV/AIDS, and accidents are under our care, currently staying in semi-permanent structure (grass-thatched house) made out of combination of mad, reeds, wood and dry star grass as the roofing. There is urgent need of the children to have improved permanent shelter/ a place they can call a home.

Our aim is to have improved and sustainable home care (orphanage) in the community as we have proved it is only possible through partnership and commitment to work.

To gain an understanding of the effects of stress and trauma on children and adolescents' behavior and development thus:

  1. To support provision of Health care services to the children in the areas  of :HIV/ AIDS prevention, support and care
  2. Promotion of nutrition and food security and primary health
  3.  Improved access to safe water and sanitation
  4. Malaria prevention and treatment.
  5. To become familiar with written literature regarding children and adjustment to the healthcare setting.
  6. To promote and support vulnerable families and in particular focus on needs of orphans and helpless children; widows and destitute women in the area


Solar project.

LUWODEA is working to introduce cost-effective energy alternatives using mobile solar lamps. Solar lamps project is a new energy saving initiative in Bugabula village, Nabwigulu division. The goal of this project is to provide eco-friendly cheaper lighting energy to underprivileged and vulnerable families with three key outcomes: reducing expenditure constantly incurred on buying highly polluting paraffin (kerosene), cutting-down greenhouse emissions, and decreasing indoor pollution a leading cause to respiratory infections among the children. 


Tree nursery project

LUWODEA has set-up a nursery bed in Buduuli village, Bugabula parish with the aim of providing cheap, quality seedling of various tree species to the farmers and communities. With increasing climatic change against increasing demand for firewood, it is a public demand to ensure sustainable use of our environment. This project will therefore contribute to environmental conservation through reducing carbon emissions, modifying micro-climates and increasing access to firewood among the farmers.


Poultry keeping project

LUWODEA is working towards improving traditional poultry through providing training on better management, cross-breeding and veterinary services as a way of improving the incomes and nutritional security of local people by selling and consuming eggs and white meat respectively.


Vegetable gardening

LUWODEA in partnership with local NAADS program is promoting vegetable production for improving nutrition, food security, income generating from the sale of surplus out, and environmental conservation. We provide training, inputs and marketing support to local women and farmers.



Village Savings and Loan scheme

In Kamuli, the communities are faced with low employment, hence high poverty levels. LUWODEA is working to support the formation of village Savings groups by women such that they have options to readily access small loans through their groups at flexible interest rates. The little money pooled (saved) by individual women gradually forms a fund that can revolve among the group members. These small loans can help rural women start and expand their small scale enterprises and acquiring a variety of business skills to economically empower them to be self-reliant.

Goat cross –breeding project

Mainly benefiting widowed rural women of Kisozi village, this is aimed at empowering women economically thus have opportunity to change their lives as well as that  of thier children in their families.

Community water provision project

To help the communities affected by lack of clean safe water which we believe is a right for everyone to access clean water. The people of Nabwigulu and Buwenge travel long distances to collect water, this is thus left to the children who spend many hours on long journey to collect water at the expense of missing their school program lessons.