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Lubengoa Women Development Association (LUWODEA) is a local community based, non-for-profit, autonomous, non-government organization located in Nabwigulu division, Kamuli district in Eastern Uganda. 

The founding of LUWODEA in 2003 was after realizing that girls and women form the greatest percentage of the community affected by poverty, human right violation, poor health care and ignorance. The need for “a bigger and louder” voice for the community was a major concern among the grass root community.

LUWODEA was therefore formed to fight for children’s rights and women’s economic emancipation and dignity, thereby improving their living standards by providing appropriate technologies, training and support services for self-reliance.


To mobilize, unit, support-building capacities and coordinate all orphans and care givers in Kamuli district a right involvement in the prevention & treatment, care, support and in the fight against HIV/AIDS and poverty.


Bringing hope to vulnerable children and enabling them to attain improved living and education.


  • Build capacities of orphans in Kamuli district through provision of improved education.
  • Channel orphans and care givers concerns; receive information, treatment, care & prevention measures, and support of all kinds.
  • Enhance partnership and collaboration in and outside the area of jurisdiction.
  • To begin home income generating activity (ies) for orphans and their care givers. Seed capital to enable orphans and vulnerable children posses running projects in homes.
  • To reduce the illiteracy levels among the orphans and vulnerable children
  • To protect the girls and boys from child abuse and violence they are facing right now